Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

We will pick you up anywhere in Squamish with a Free shuttle to our office.

Pick Up & Drop Off

Pick up and drop off your rental at our
office in Squamish and you may be eligible for up to $130 in savings.

 address:3890 Bowen Ave, Squamish, BC, V8B 0E8

Your rental vehicle can be delivered to Horse Shoe Bay Ferry Terminal for a fee,
Or a custom location in Vancouver for a fee.

To view how to get to these locations click here or go to our “get Here” page

Pick up in Squamish and receive $65 off your rental of 1 week or more.
Drop off in Squamish and receive $65 off your rental of 2 weeks or more.

Pick up at our office.
38902 Bowen Ave. Squamish, BC.

Free shuttle to our office from anywhere in Squamish.

Squamish - Adventure Centre - Right Off Sea to Sky Highway 99.
Free Pick up and Drop Off.

Address: 38551 Loggers Lane, Squamish.

Just as your entering Squamish from the South, the Adventure Centre is located directly off the sea to sky highway on the East side of the highway 99. Lots of parking, coffee shop and information inside. Let us know when you will be arriving and we will pick you up and shuttle you to our office. 

How to get to SQUAMISH?

https://www.squamishrides.ca/    Or check out squamishrides for a economical option. 


$50 pick up - $50 drop off fees may apply.
Book 1 week rental - pick up fees waived.
Book 2 weeks or more - drop off fees waived.

address: 6750 Keith Road, West Vancouver, BC. 
Take a taxi from the airport to Horse Shoe Bay $75-100.
Take transit to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal ($10cad)   https://bccampervanrentals.com/get-here/

When picking up and dropping off the vehicle, you need to go toward the walk on traffic entrance to the ferry terminal. There is lots of parking there. Below is a picture of the walk on traffic entrance. NOTE: (Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal can be confusing) The walk on traffic and the drive on traffic to the ferry are in different areas. Public Transportation will take you to the Horse Shoe Bay Ferry Terminal. From YVR, you can take a sky train and hop on a bus, visit https://bccampervanrentals.com/get-here/. 

After you pick up your vehicle if you wish to get on BC Ferries, You will have to get back on the highway and drive away from the ferry terminal. Driving toward Vancouver, just take exit 4 (caulfield) and follow the signs that say ferry.  To be safe, you should make reservations for BC Ferries. You can make reservations for the BC Ferries – Horse Shoe Ferry Terminal but be sure to be on time or you will lose it. BC Ferries is very strict and cut off times are non-negotiable. BC Ferries accepts cash and credit card.

To clarify again. There is 2 ways to get on BC ferries. 1 is with a vehicle and the other is to walk on.  Our pick up and drop off areas are located directly out front of the BC Ferries walk on terminal in the vehicle loading zone, which is in horse shoe bay. After picking up your vehicle; if you plan to get on to the Ferry you will have to drive toward Vancouver and take exit 4 and turn around. Follow the signs to drive onto the ferries. The drive from the walk on terminal to the drive on terminal should take about 7 minutes.  Do not be late for your reservation as BC ferries have extremely strict cut off times. 

As we are a Squamish based business it is difficult for us to arrange pick up and drop off at the airport. Bridge traffic and unpredictable traffic can greatly affect our driving times to and from YVR airport. The most economical and fastest route is to take public transportation to Horse Shoe Bay Ferry Terminal ($10) or hop in a taxi to Horse Shoe Bay for approx $75-100. Visit our webpage to find directions:  https://bccampervanrentals.com/get-here/

If you require pick up and drop off to a custom location, depending, Fees may apply $220. 
Drop off at Horse Shoe Bay with private shuttle to YVR $200.

As we are a local business we will do what we can to make your adventure better. If you wish to have a custom pick up and drop off location, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you.