Frequently Asked Questions

You have a license issued by one of the following countries: All EU countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or USA. If your license is in any other language other than English or from any country previously listed you are required to obtain an International drivers license.
If your license is not in English you are advised to get a International Driving Permit. 

BC Camper Van Rentals are located in Squamish and will pick you up anywhere in Squamish. We have pick up and drop off locations in Squamish, BC,  and Horse Shoe Bay (west Vancouver). You can visit the page Pick up / Drop Off to see a complete list. If there is a certain custom place you would like to pick up and drop off we will do our best to accommodate you. Our office is located at 38902 Bowen Ave, Squamish, BC. 

No, included in most of our rates are all the essentials which include: linens, towels, cooking wares, utensils, bedding, flashlight, etc. In addition, BC Camper Van Rentals includes camping chairs, table, propane stove, cooler and all vehicles are equipped with an awning. When you arrive to pick up your rental, it will be travel ready. A complete list of what is included with each vehicle can be viewed under fleet. 

BC Camper Van vehicles must remain in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan unless prior authorization has been given. BC Camper Van vehicles can enter USA but prior authorization must be given. USA destinations include Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho and Montana.  Currently the Yukon, and North West Territories are off limits.  You must only use the Vehicle on sealed or paved roads or on gravel roads that lead to provincial parks, which are roads serviced by the province of B.C. Gravel roads around lillooet lake and forestry roads are off limits. 


Call and email any time. We are well connected and we will get in touch with you asap. Phone number +1 778 875 2653 (whatsapp/ wechat), or email or visit us on Facebook too. 

We will pick you up anywhere in Squamish. See our webpage on how to get to Squamish and options on getting a vehicle at Horse Shoe Bay. BC Camper Van Rentals will prearrange a time to meet you at one of our specific locations. If you are going to be late please notify us. 

No booking is completly solidified until a rental deposit has been made. Your rental agreement will note the deposit cost. The deposit cost will go towards the rental cost. 

Yes. you can pay via credit card. Payments can be processed via moneris,  pay pal, square or email transfers. 

BC Camper Van Rentals includes 200 free km’s per day. If you rent for 4 days you will get 800 free kms. You can drive 100 kms one day and 300 the next. additional km packages can be purchased before your trip or additional km’s will be charged at .39c per km. 

No, Most of BC Camper Van Rentals includes propane stove, pots, pan, cutlery, etc. We assume there is 2 people sleeping in each bed. If your rental has 2 beds you will get 4 pillows and linens for 2 beds. If your rental is for 2 people it will include the linens for 2 people. If for some reason you do need additional blankets or duvets, please notify us and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

1 day is 24 hours. If you pick up at 11 am your return time will be 11 am or earlier unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Most of the rentals come with towels. Visit fleet page to view what is included with each rental. 

None of the gear is for purchase but you definitly can rent additional gear. If we dont have it, let us know and we will get it for you.

All prices are listed in Canadian currency.

NO! Smoking inside the vehicles will incure additional charges. 

BC Camper Van Rentals can enter USA but are limited to Washington State, Oregon, California, and Nevada.

Of course. The only thing that is different is that you must purchase the liability reduction AND leave an additional $300 bond which will be returned after you bring back the rental vehicle. 

Take note:

– distracted driving fines (including cell phone while driving) are astronomical. (now over $500).
– All our vehicles are automatic shifting. 
– Do not speed. The sea to sky highway has many fluctuating speed limits and it is common to see police speed traps. Your driving, enjoy yourself and drive safely.
– Vans are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors but safety precautions must be made.
– The propane stove and cooking gear must only be used outside. Propane burns oxygen and leaves carbon monoxide which can be lethal. Any type of buring gas including propane needs to be used outdoors. Do not cook in the vehicle or use propane stove to heat the vans. 
– Do not run the engine while you are sleeping, your engine emits carbon monoxide which can be lethal. Please be responsible. 
– If you are sleeping inside the vehicle you should slightly open a window while you sleep. 
– most vehicles are not air tight but open a window a crack to let condensation out and fresh air in. Never run a vehicle while you sleep as carbon monoxide can get into your vehicle.
– If you have any drivers penalties you need to notify us prior to submitting your reservation deposit. 
– you have an accident free record and must also have held a drivers license for at least 1 year.