Things to note

Take note:

– distracted driving fines (including cell phone while driving) are astronomical. (now over $500).
– Do not speed. The sea to sky highway has many fluctuating speed limits and it is common to see police speed traps. Your in the van, enjoy yourself and drive slow.
– Vans are equipped with carbon monoxide detectors but safety precautions must be made.
– The propane stove and cooking gear must only be used outside. Propane burns oxygen and leaves carbon monoxide which can be lethal. Any type of buring gas including propane needs to be used outdoors. Do not cook in the vehicle or use propane stove to heat the vans. 
– Do not run the engine while you are sleeping, your engine emits carbon monoxide which can be lethal. Please be responsible. 
– you should slightly open a window while you sleep.
– most vehicles are not air tight but open a window a crack to let condensation out and fresh air in. Never run a vehicle while you sleep as carbon monoxide can get into your vehicle.
-If you have any drivers penalties you need to notify us prior to submitting your reservation deposit.
– you have an accident free record and must also have held a drivers license for at least 1 year.